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I was sitting back, trying to find my place

Staring at the walls and empty space

Why I could I never ever see it through

Singin’ dadadadada


So we left the morning down the 85

Smoking out the window and we’re getting real high

And I know everything gonna be just fine

Singin’ dadadadada




We were making good time about quarter to nine

Till the car gave out at the borderline

Then we left that piece of junk by the side of the road

Singin’ dadadadada


So we hopped on a bus down to New Orleans 

Pocket full of change and a Cali dream

Somewhere along the way wound up in AUSTIN, TEXAS

Singin’ dadadadada


Where the words we say should never go unsaid

And the places where we lie become our beds




Nowhere to be found but I’m on my way

Why’d you have to leave town when you could’ve just stayed

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